Keeping Your Sanity: How You Can Hack Motherhood and the Flu Season with Health, Wealth, and Stealth Modeling

Sis, are your children ready to battle the sicknesses in the air this season? Do you know how to create a daily peaceful atmosphere at home? Do you struggle to find relaxing moments for you? If you have to "think about it" before answering, this is the podcast recap for you! Grab your herbal tea and come sit with your sis for two minutes. I got something for you!


Yahudith Yatsah

12/28/20232 min read

Shalom, my beautiful sisters!

Did you tune in to the latest episode of the Effortless Mom podcast? If not, let me give you a glimpse of the incredible gems we shared this week!

In this episode, we introduced the revamped flow of the show to bring you a blend of Health, Wealth, and Stealth—our unique method for mastering motherhood like a true Proverbs 31 woman. From health tips to wisdom from the emahs (Titus 2 Mothers) and building creative ways to carve out 'me time', we’ve got you covered from all angles!

Health Segment: Nurturing our Bodies and Building Healthy Families

  • We explored fall favorites in the health segment, offering smart strategies to keep those seasonal bugs at bay while still savoring a bit of sweetness. Think fluids, fruits, veggies, and our secret weapon that boosts the immune system and keeps those cooties away!

Wealth Segment: Building Spiritual Wealth Bank

  • This week, I dished out wisdom from the amazing Queen Mother Chavvah. One major takeaway? As mothers, we set the tone of our homes, creating an atmosphere of shalom, joy, and order. (IT all starts with us!)

  • So... how are we going to make the atmosphere one that we are proud to present before Yahusha?

Stealth Segment: Finding Time for Self-Care

  • We wrapped up with practical stealth tips to infuse more shalom and 'mommy time' into our lives. Picture taking a few minutes daily to breathe, affirm your strength, and embrace who you’re meant to be. It's a helpful routine that nourishes and refreshes your day!

This episode is a testament to growth, change, and creating the atmosphere we crave in our homes. It is a dose of inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips to inspire you to keep ascending as a Proverbs 31 woman. Don’t miss out—tune in, join our community, and soak up the positivity!

Sending shalom and love until the next episode!

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As always, I want to hear your stories, your shifts, and your testimonies. How has this wisdom moved you towards being the effortless mom you were designed to be?

After you listen to the episode, connect with me on social media and email me. Looking forward to hearing for you, sis!