Break free from toxic emotional and mental cycles and become the self-confident woman you were meant to be.

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If you're tired of battling negative thoughts, jumping through life's hurdles, and not feeling the regal woman you know were meant to be, I've got your back!

My name is. Yahudith. I am your dedicated mindset and nutrition coach.

I'm here to help you conquer fears, break free from toxic cycles, and step into a life of purpose. Let's work together to restore your joy, unleash self-love, and ignite your forward-thinking mindset that helps you overcome obstacles and makes you feel amazing inside and out.

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Join the Loving My Temple Nutrition Bootcamp, where I show you step by step how to no longer struggle with unhealthy binge cycles, break free from emotional eating, and have lasting weight loss results that celebrate your beauty and culture as a Black woman.

(Yes, you can have curves, have great-tasting food, and still look and feel fabulous!)